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Seizing opportunities often involves some type of risk such as choosing a new, unproven stock pick, for example, or starting a small business. The higher the potential reward, the higher the risk, right? Not always. The River’s Edge Premier Club, created exclusively for our first depositors, involves zero risk.

Well, there IS the risk of missing out if you don’t act quickly. Here’s why you should act now: River’s Edge will not only be New York City’s first Life Plan Community,* but it will also be one of the most thoughtfully appointed. Located on 32 manicured, riverfront acres in historic Riverdale, River’s Edge boasts access to a world-class art collection featuring Warhols, Chagalls and Picassos. The extensive dining selections will meet the high standards you expect. State-of-the-art exercise equipment, a pool, spa and personal trainers will focus on your wellness. Manhattan is just a 20-minute train ride away, and our 24-hour concierge is at your beck and call.

Joining the River's Edge Premier club is all reward, no risk.









While everyone will enjoy these and other amenities and services, only a handful will enjoy Premier Club benefits. They’re rewards —  really — for recognizing one of the city’s most exciting new senior living communities and ensuring your access to the best of the best here. For simply making a fully refundable $1,000 deposit, you’ll get an invaluable time-stamped number — the lower the number, the higher on the list you will be for selecting your specific home and view of your choice. You’ll also have an active role in personalizing your home, be invited to members-only events and will enjoy the lowest prices on these coveted homes.

By joining our Premier Club now with your fully refundable deposit, you’ll also make an important decision about your future. You’ll have a plan that provides you the lifestyle you deserve, with access to all of the healthcare you may ever need — right on the River’s Edge campus.

So you see, it’s all upside and no downside. For the few minutes it will take to write a check, you will have access to options only few people will experience. Your deposit will secure your place in our Premier Club, with selection and priority access to all of the best River’s Edge offers.

For more information on our Premier Club, click here, or call 718.581.1900 to speak to one of our Life Plan Advisors. 

*Also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC

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