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People who have researched Life Plan Communities, like River’s Edge, have learned that the list of reasons to move into today’s modern senior living communities is long. A study being conducted by the Institute on Aging and Northwestern University is documenting the benefits of living in a Life Plan Community. *

Just one year into the five-year Aging Well study, more than 5,000 Life Plan Community residents in 29 states have reported that they are not only happier, but they’re also healthier than a control group of their peers who don’t live in a Life Plan Community.

Talk to anyone who lives in a Life Plan Community, and you will soon learn of the many reasons they’re glad they made the move. Life Plan Communities are purpose-built areas designed to encourage social interaction, a vital aspect of senior living proven to enhance the psychological and physiological well-being of older adults. Life Plan Communities boast a slate of planned and extemporaneous activities that meet the needs of a wide range of residents. Social get-togethers, lifelong learning opportunities, speakers’ series, cultural excursions, programming that encourages starting or continuing a hobby, exercise programs and more keep people engaged and add value to residents’ lives.

The findings of the Aging Well study reinforce that staying active and engaged is beneficial. Study respondents report greater social, physical, intellectual and emotional wellness than non-Life Plan Community residents.

Life Plan Community residents also engage in healthier behaviors. They eat more healthfully, exercise more and pursue other healthy lifestyle choices. Because of the intentional physical and social design of Life Plan Communities, smart, mindful choices are easier for their residents. It should be no surprise that two-thirds of Life Plan Community residents in the study said that moving to their new community ‘somewhat or greatly improved’ their feeling of connectedness and community—both of which have been proven to enhance physical and emotional wellness.

It also seems that the size of a community matters. Residents of Life Plan Communities of 300 or more residents report higher levels of satisfaction, happier moods and an overall more positive perception of aging. They report less stress and feel as if they have better control over their lives compared to the control group. Again, intentional design fosters these feelings: with more neighbors who are engaged in community activities, any given individual is more apt to also engage. Today’s Life Plan Communities bring together the best of what life has to offer for people 62 and older. And, as a Life Plan Community, residents know that if the need ever arises, they’ll have on-campus access to the healthcare they may require.

River’s Edge is New York City’s much-needed first Life Plan Community. With a national study’s statistics proving its merits, it’s not hard to imagine how popular and in demand the limited number of residences at River’s Edge will be.

*Also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC

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