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Have you ever considered the cost of your current lifestyle? From cable and utilities to groceries and home maintenance, it can really add up.

Life Plan Advisors at River’s Edge work with prospective residents to calculate their current lifestyle costs…down to the dollar. Let’s take a quick look at what “life” really entails — cost wise — in your current home.

When you do the math, a monthly service package at a Life Plan Community shows it's an impressive value.

Staying independent, which we all want to do for as long as possible, often means we’re actually pretty dependent on others. We pay for home maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, appliance repair, meals, groceries, entertainment, water, utilities, cable, internet, property taxes—all on top of a mortgage. The list goes on, depending on your lifestyle. The revealing aspect of this exercise is totaling the costs: most people are shocked to see the lump sum.

Life Plan Communities take the worry and responsibility out of the equation with a monthly service package fee that covers an extensive array of services. Part of truly enjoying life at River’s Edge will be knowing that nearly everything you will ever need has been thought of and is provided for you. Imagine the freedom you’ll feel when the time that had been used to authorize payments and write checks becomes spending time with friends, reading or exercising.

That freedom from having to do things is the hallmark of the life we’re creating for you here at River’s Edge. We’ll maintain our 32-acre campus right along the Hudson, as well as your residence and appliances. We’ll provide the internet, cable, electricity, water and trash and snow removal; we’ll pay the property taxes and provide a variety of dining options and a community-wide focus on your wellness. We’ll provide homeowners’ insurance, exercise and wellness facilities and exquisite dining options. A long list of social and cultural activities—planned by a professional activities coordinator—will keep you engaged and stimulated. And, as the city’s first Life Plan Community*, we’ll also provide you with the healthcare you may need right here on campus.

Even without a calculator, you might have a sense of the value of all of these services. That value, when added to the new friendships, connection and community that will define life here, represents a priceless lifestyle that is beyond compare.

If you’d like to learn more about River’s Edge, give us a call at 718-581-1900. Or click here to make an appointment.

*Also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC

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