The importance of having a Life Plan

The Importance of Having a Life Plan

The importance of having a Life Plan

Planning ahead is planning to succeed—especially when it comes to successful aging.

If you are reading this blog, you’re probably a planner already. So, kudos!

Here’s a news flash, dear planner: You should plan to live for at least 100 years. If your health is average or above—and if medical marvels continue to increase at the pace they are expected—you are likely to celebrate a century on this planet.

With a full 100 years or more, the saying “Life happens while you’re making other plans” is quite apropos. Planning is being prepared and growing older comes with unexpected growing pains. But having a proper plan in place for the unexpected cranky parts of life can soften the blow—should they happen. However, we reject the notion that “aging means getting sick.” To quote Maya Angelo, “Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.” We think of it a bit like making sure your taxes are filed, your gas tank is full, and you have a good roof on your house. You want to get it done so you don’t have to worry about it later.

At River’s Edge, our future residents are consummate planners. If you look up the definition of “planner” in the dictionary, you might see their picture. Case in point, River’s Edge won’t open until 2025, yet our future residents are already planning their lives years in advance. To them, it is also about having a modicum of control over the future. As one resident stated in a recent focus group, “No good decisions were ever made in a crisis.” Another added, “I wouldn’t trust my kids to plan a vacation for me. So why would I leave my future care or where I am going to live up to them?”

All good points. Enter the Life Plan Community and Life Care contracts available through River’s Edge. Unfortunately, this blog is too short to enumerate all the advantages of a Life Plan Community and Life Care contracts, so we recommend checking them out on our website or better yet, attending a “What is Life Care and Why Should You Care” event or webinar.

As NYC’s first and only Life Plan Community, River’s Edge offers services that progress from independent with the options for assisted living, memory care, rehab, and even skilled nursing, should the need arise.

In summary, by planning ahead, you’re doing your future self a solid favor.

Reach out to River’s Edge today and learn more about all that a Life Plan Community has to offer.